Monday, 25 March 2013

Time to change things up!

It's time to really start making this blog more active and truly stamp our name in male fashion and styling. We've taken some time away to review our processes and we're constantly changing our concepts to meet the needs of technology, trends and most importantly YOU.

Kings By Nature is about you and we haven't lost sight of that. We are here for the male viewer who has a genuine appreciation for all things involving male style, past present or future. This blog isn't going to be used to push sales but to truly accentuate the true meaning of male style.

So..with new concepts and the input we have received from our customers, of course we must make some adjustments. We are about to embark on a new journey, a very challenging one, especially being a company hailing from a small Caribbean island where focus is slowly shifting to the fashion industry.

We are named Kings By Nature because all men should be treated as KINGS! Men who are naturally inclined to the appeal of male styling and fashion!

The shop page on our blog will now revert you to our facebook page where sales will be conducted.

Here on this a place strictly for the celebration of the Kings of style and everything else surrounding it! So we hope you stay with us and continue to give us your feedback, support & knowledge on how we can grow, improve and even extend to our little venture.

So this means..more pictures, more styling and even much more focus on YOU!

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