Saturday, 19 October 2013

Outfit me: Let's do a movie

  You really want to go out in all this rain..well what better is there to do than a movie! This is a great look for a simple outing and who knows maybe a knock back a few beers after. After all when you look this want to make the best of it!

Outfit me: A Clear Day

With all the rain that's been happening we need to stay warm. Staying warm isn't the only thing we should be concerned about but let's also stay true to our nature! And our nature is to be impeccably styled! So don't let the rain get you down cause it's CLEAR who we are and what we stand for!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Outfit me: Gray matter

Sometimes its good to be away from all the color and stick to the basics. Keep simple but yet ultra fresh...after all it isn't what you wear that's how you wear it. 

Outfit Me: What they gonna say now....

It been a while since we've blogged but so much has been happening! The male catalogs and personal styling has been getting a lot of attention and has kept us very busy....but don't worry we're back!
Alright lets get back to the blogging! This look is inspired by men who like the laid back side of life but still stand out from the crowd. Show up to any sporting or casual event looking cool but still maintaining your style.... Now tell me..What they gonna say now?